Monday, August 12, 2013

Analise and Grace-Anna...


CHI has helped us bring our family together from around the world. Analise (born in Ethiopia) is now 4 and Grace-Anna (from China) is 3. Both girls are doing fantastic. Analise is the smartest little thing I've ever seen. And if left to her own devices, will rule the world by 5.  She is the best big sister we could have ever prayed for. Grace-Anna is working through her blindness. She goes to physical therapy 2x a week and has had 3 surgeries on her eyes and another coming up next week. She is the toughest, yet sweetest little thing. She has been through more than we could ever imagine in her young life. God has BIG plans for these little ones. We, as a family, are the most blessed to have been chosen to take this journey with them. Praise God for his mercy and grace!

I just wanted to communicate with CHI and let you all know how we are doing and to say "Thank you" always for what you do for the fatherless. God bless you!!
Jenny Sullivan

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