Thursday, April 26, 2007

American Idol Touches Families' Hearts, Moves Some to Make Personal Impact

The world listened and was touched by American Idol's two night special, which concluded last night, to help raise awareness and funds for health and education resources to benefit children in extreme poverty in both the U.S. and Africa.

As most of America watched the spotlight on African orphans, Brenda Barker Children's Hope Southeast Regional Director watched from her home, too.

"I couldn’t help but think my future girls could be one of those orphans…" says Brenda, adoptive mother of seven children, and future mother of perhaps two more girls of Ethiopia.

Moved by the development aid work that will change lives, Brenda is glad she can do more through adopting and sponsorship opportunities, making life-changing, individual impacts.

"Like Rascal Flatts sang, 'My wish for you…to know somebody loves you'", while sponsoring a child does provide better meals and educational opportunities for both an orphan and their entire orphanage, it also provides the child with something possibly even more important--the personal relationship they crave through communication with their sponsor.

To find out more about orphan sponsorship or adoption, click here.

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