Thursday, April 26, 2007

Transition Home, a Place of Guardianship for Ethiopian Adopted Children

Since gaining our licensure to facilitate adoptions in Ethiopia April 5, Children’s Hope In Country Coordinator Tsegay Fisseha has been hard at work first acquiring and then staffing and furnishing our transition home in Addis Ababa. This home within the capital city will provide care for a maximum of fifty children concurrently. Once a child is referred to a Children’s Hope adoptive family they will leave their orphanage or community to come into our direct care and guardianship.

Our transition home (unofficially referred to as House of Hope) is located in the center of the city, near the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the High Courts responsible for finalizing adoptions. Included within the 22 rooms and 7 bathrooms are several large rooms in which adoptive families may stay in lieu of a hotel if they prefer.

The home has space for office, laundry, classroom, infirmary, lounge, playroom, and sleeping quarters for both staff and children. Depending on the size of the room, four to eight children will board in these freshly painted bedrooms.

Once our Ethiopia program is established, all children will meet their families at the transition home. Until the home is fully staffed and furnished, families may meet their children at their original orphanages or alternate locations.

Please join us in celebrating this step in the process of getting our new program up and running. We are very excited!

(The green building on the right will serve as the House of Hope kitchen.)

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