Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Ethiopian Restaurant Opens in St. Louis So. Grand

For all those interested in Ethiopian adoption and ethnic culture in general, a new restaurant Meskerem has opened along the ethnic strip of South Grand in St. Louis. This past Thursday the St. Louis Post Dispatch reviewed the new restaurant regarding the dining experience as a food excursion, but also a "cultural initiation".

Your encounter will include the key ingredient to Ethiopian eating, injera. This spongy round bread with a taste similar to rye will serve as both your tray and utensil, and alternately a shredded ingredient in some dishes. Although liquor and desserts are still on their way to the menu, you may cap off your meal with a densely rich Ethiopian coffee. Common staples you will find on the menu: awaze (spicy sauce), garlic, ground chile, lentils, ginger, and lamb.

Looking for a restaurant with roots to the area? Tareke Beraki of the Queen of Sheba catered a St. Louis Children's Hope parent education meeting this past month. You may find his authentic East African Cuisine on Olive in University City. The Delmar Loop's Red Sea was the first to make its Ethiopian footprint within the city.

Get a palate for ethnic food in your area and get a taste for the culture of an orphan--your possible child of Ethiopia. Happy eating!

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