Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Concerns, Problems: Please Always Come to Us

To our China Families,

A recent post by a popular China adoption blogger (not using Children’s Hope as her agency) recently asked the question, “Should you let your agency know if you have a complaint or problem?”

I hope you already know this but if not, Please let Children's Hope know if you have any problems, issues, concerns, complaints, etc. or just need support. Please do not wait until your adoption is finalized to tell us. International adoption is difficult enough without us adding to the stress. Children's Hope is here to help you during your adoption journey. As you know, things may change in the process and we need to adapt to those changes and our families' needs. Your Children's Hope social worker or adoption consultant, branch director, China team in St. Louis and myself are here to serve you. Please do not be shy about calling or emailing us if we are not meeting your needs.

Ann Tollefson
China Program Director
Children’s Hope International


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