Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Ruling Can Save Adoptive Parents Money

With the time required to finalize an international adoption expanding in several countries, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) is now offering parents an opportunity to save on immigration fees if their adoption process takes longer than 18 months.

"If you already have an approved I-600A that is about to expire, and have not yet filed your I-600 petition, you may receive one free extension,” the USCIS notes as long as the parent resubmits before their first I-600A expires.

Every potential adoptive parent must have a valid I-600A to complete the adoption in their child’s country. Since the I-600A is valid for only 18 months, many adoptive parents have had to reapply and pay CIS fees all over again.

Although this new procedure accompanies an increase in the initial I-600A fees, the free extension should help to limit international adoption costs for many families. The new fees for the I-600A Advanced Processing for Orphan Petition is now $750 for parents and $80 for each person 18 or older living in the home.

Please call your local USCIS office with any questions to properly comply with the new implementation of this ruling.

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