Monday, July 16, 2007

Families Across the US Travel to Children's Hope 15th Annual Reunion Picnic

Success! Nearly 1200 parents and children reunited this past Saturday for Children's Hope 15th Reunion Picnic in St. Louis. By plane, by train, or by car, families from 26 states came together, some for their first time and some as repeat attendees of the annual reunion.

One little girl from China came hoping to get her first glimpse of a Chinese boy. Others were just pleased to make snow out of packing foam peanuts in blow up swim pools. Still others were happy to laugh at performing act Babaloo's stinky feet songs.

But all went away having refreshed old friendships they never knew they'd make through adoption and many made new friends they hope to see again next year or before.

We hope to see you next year, too! Thanks for making the 2007 reunion a blast!

Post updated on 12/18/07; article link removed as no longer active.

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