Thursday, November 8, 2007

National Adoption Month—Celebrate Day 8

National Adoption Month provides an opportunity to remember all involved in your international adoption.

If you are a Children's Hope China adoptive family, write a letter today to your child’s orphanage and/or foster family with an update on your child. Send your letter and photos to Children's Hope, attention to Ann Tollefson. We will provide translation and ensure the orphanage receives it. Please include your own name, your child's original name, American name, date of birth, adoption date, orphanage and province.

(Many countries, other than China, send required updates directly to their orphanages. If you would like to remember an orphanage in a different way, consider donating to Children's Hope, earmarking the funds to a specific orphanage, or include both your child's orphanage and its children in your prayers.)


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