Saturday, November 24, 2007

The November E-news Online

"In 2002, after only two years of marriage, Jeff and I learned that having biological children would be nearly impossible. The day we received this news we felt that our lives would never be complete; little did we know that God had a much bigger plan." In His plan for the Morris family was a little girl named Alex.

Adoption involves so many emotions. You may find many of them revealed in this month's E-news Online. Find the full story of Jeff and Natalie Morris and also "Sorting It All Out" by our Blogger of the Month, Jodean Brannon, as she puts pen to paper to flesh out her complex thoughts on adopting her son Miles from Vietnam.

With Thanksgiving behind us, many of our families are decking their home with the warmth of Christmas decorations. Add a special ornament to your tree this year: check out the Kids Corner for a Children's Hope ornament activity to create with the children in your home.

This issue is jam-packed. Don't miss it; visit the November Children's Hope E-news.


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