Friday, January 11, 2008

A Message of the Ministry - Giving Health, Giving Hope

Not enough attention can be drawn to the medical needs of children in China...or the amazing effect our giving can mean to a poor family or an orphan whose options seem hopeless. Keeping a family together and bringing life to orphans - these are more than goals for Children’s Hope donors - this is a mission.

Moody Broadcasting Networks's Tracy Haney spoke yesterday with Children's Hope Cory Barron and Mary House on this mission. The broadcast, which will reach many through MBN's affiliates and member stations, aired on popular segment Prime Time America.

(Clicking the above link will open your default audio player. Once the broadcast begins, slide the marker to minute 20:00. The segment runs to marker 27:42, and is just under 8 minutes in duration.)

Do you wish you could have helped bring one of the 455 surgeries to a Chinese child in 2007? Help change a life this year, donate here.


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