Monday, January 14, 2008

Vietnamese Adoption Series Offers Sweeping View

In a recent four part adoption series, writer Venus Lee of Vietnamese-language newspaper Nguoi Viet 2 delves into the history of Vietnamese adoptions, the current international adoption process, and how adoptees assimilate into American culture.

Do you eat soup with your left hand or your right hand while in Vientam? Is cologne appropriate to wear while traveling? Packed with information and real life experiences of adopting families, this series is sure to offer adopting families something new.

Part 1: A New Family (December 20, 2007)
Part 2: Preparing and Waiting (December 26, 2007)
Part 3: Across the Miles (January 3, 2008)
Part 4: Aftermath of an Adoption: Adjusting to the Culture (January 11, 2008)

Nguoi Viet 2 is the premier English-language publication of the Nguoi Viet Daily News, the oldest and largest Vietnamese-language newspaper in the United States. Based in southern California, the weekly newspaper targets the young, multi-cultural generation of Vietnamese Americans.

Thank you, Kathryn Helgren, for sharing!


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