Friday, February 15, 2008

Blogroll Additions and Family Transitions

Blogs New to the Blogroll:

The Hagertys--AK Colombia (Waiting)
The Harmons--PA Kazakhstan (Waiting)
The Hewetts--TX China (Completed)
The Fredericks--MI Russia (Waiting)
The Frickes--IL China (Completed)
Waiting Families No Longer, Families Beginning Their Travel:
The Magers--IL Ethiopia DOT 2/18/08
The Vaughns--TN Russia T2 DOT 2/17/08
The Wooleys--AR Vietnam SN DOT 2/18/08
Journey to Me appears to be down currently. I'm praying for the site's return. I am very excited to follow this family as they travel! Best to all of our traveling families...
Welcome Home! A Newly Completed Family:
The Shubins--AZ Ethiopia


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