Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Ethiopia Family Homecoming! (Photos)

Fifteen families will come home from Ethiopia this month, having completed their international adoptions overseas, ...and the Mackenzies were one of them. When Chris and Leigh came into the St. Louis airport on Monday, they were welcomed by their daughter Isabella's two new grandmas, one in from Illinois and the second in from Colorado, and one very excited new brother Julian.

Happy homecoming and happy Valentine's Day, to this united family! Thank you for sharing this day with Children's Hope.

Seven families are home so far from Ethiopia this month. In March, two families are currently expected to travel from Children's Hope International to complete their adoptions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


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Toni Lynch said...

I was there and saw this beautiful baby girl first hand....she is a lucky little girl and her big brother was so excited for her to come home. We all had to keep him busy at the airport making him count to 100, telling him to say his ABC's backwards and doing math problems in his head etc. Congrats Mackenzie Family

Toni Lynch

Stacie said...

She is adorable! I was thinking that must have been the family you welcomed home! Congrats to the Mackenzies!!!

Children's Hope International said...

I couldn't stop looking at her, Stacie. She's absolutely beautiful!

Jennifer N.

Erica said...

The MACKS!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!! So so glad to see Julian with his long awaited sister!! Can't wait until we meet again sweet friends. We are so blessed that we were able to travel with you.