Tuesday, February 5, 2008

China's War on Snow Continues, Orphanages Affected

Many of our families are eager for information on China's current blizzard situation which was officially announced a disaster by Chinese government, and is earning the nickname 'China's Katrina'.

Children's Hope is working with 13 orphanages to fill their urgent needs. The needs are simple - disposable diapers, air conditioners to act as much needed heat sources, and funds to cover the increased costs of daily goods. Because of the loss of transportation, local prices have increased dramatically and normal needs are not being met.

Updates are being translated from Children's Hope - China's web site, and Melody is posting information on her blog, which is then also posted on our Development Aid web site. Children's Hope is supporting these orphanages, but a disaster fund was not in place. To offset money already given and to provide for those orphanages which funds have not been met, any family touched by these orphanages' situation may donate online, by credit card or electronic check. Earmark the funds in the box 'Additional Information' by donating for 'South China Emergency Fund'.

View Melody's blog, www.melodyzhangorphans.blogspot.com
Children's Hope Development Aid, South China Emergency Fund
View China News on as the Country Battles Its 'War on Snow'

* Pictured: A doctor from CBN's relief team visited the Chenzhou Orphanage and called Melody to update her on the orphanages status and seek advice. This orphanage is still without power and some of the babies have been becoming ill due to the cold.


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