Monday, February 4, 2008

Eleven Families Adopting From China Celebrate: Referrals!

Thuy and David Smith (pictured, left) of St. Louis, MO, along with 10 additional Children's Hope families adopting from China celebrate today as their referral day! These eleven families saw pictures and reviewed medical information on their new child for the first time.

Each family was matched with one of 9 beautiful little girls and 2 handsome little boys from the Gansu, Guangdong, and Jilin provinces and Tianjin City. These infants range in age from 7 - 15 months and 24 - 28 months. Today's referrals were for our families whose paperwork was registered in China on December 20, 2005; the families waited 25 long months from their paperwork receipt in China to this referral day.

The happy parents will now travel to China in about 8 weeks to complete their Chinese adoptions. Congratulations to these families and all our China families who have moved up in line. Happy Chinese New Year!

As soon as Thuy and David received their referral, the two year wait didn’t seem so long after all. The Smith's referral video...


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