Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Take Action: A Child's Right Campaign for Vietnam

In response to the current state of Vietnam adoptions, Joint Council announced today an initiative: “A Child’s Right Campaign for Vietnam”. With cooperation from all adoptive parents, this campaign can be a success. Anyone can participate – all adopting families, your friends, your family members - anyone can be an advocate for ethical and continuing adoption practices in Vietnam.

Visit JCICS's web site for specific instructions on contacting your local state representative. Please read the entire announcement, as it states detailed information, your state's contact information, and specific days to call or email your state representative.

When the new Memorandum of Agreement is signed between Vietnam and the US, JCICS recommends families be allowed to work with Hague accredited agencies. Children's Hope International supports this recommendation as we are fully committed to receiving our Hague accreditation.

Spread news of this important initiative, vital in the US signing a new agreement for international adoptions with Vietnam prior to September.


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