Friday, May 16, 2008

With Her Own Eyes, Melody Sees China's Devastation Post-Quake, Gaining St. Louis Local Coverage

Yesterday we came across this place - a temporary place for found bodies. I don't have words for this. - Melody's blog

Zhang said she has seen multi-story buildings that have become piles of rubble.

"You just know there are people underneath," she said. "The soldiers are digging like crazy to get them out."Melody Zhang, Associate Director of Children's Hope, reveals more of the China quake devastation, firsthand, on the front page of this morning's St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Children's Hope recorded an interview with Melody
last night (Friday morning in China) as she traveled by taxi to meet with CBN volunteers, to regather, and head back out into the destruction with more supplies. Urgent, but working with all of her contacts, Melody is on the move and making the most of every dollar and every resource for children and now orphans on the streets of Miangyang. Listen to the interview here,


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