Friday, November 7, 2008

India Fire Burns 300 Huts to the Ground, Leaving 1500 Homeless

* Update 11/20/08

Children's Hope India has conducted 18 food programs in a week's time, serving 5400 Kakinada citizens. Four mobile medical clinics treated burn victims with free medical aid. One hundred twenty-five children received blankets as they faced winter weather, now homeless.

From our India Director, Paparao: "Help is badly needed for these victims. The government is just looking at them without giving any help."

If you are moved to give, visit or choose "Give Now".

Yesterday, a fire raged in Children's Hope region Kakinada, India. Three hundred huts were completely burned, leaving 1500 homeless. Immediately, our India Director Paparao dispatched aid with food and medical programs for these people.

Yesterday in Kankinada, India

Children's Hope food outreach will extend for 7 days and 4 mobile medical camps will dispense first aid.

"This is a big accident. Mainly, the children are suffering as the winter has come. They need blankets," says Paparao. "I need your prayers and help for these affected people."

Prayers are needed, as are funds.

Two sponsored children were affected by this tragedy. The children are safe, but their house has been destroyed. The family will be helped through Children's Hope's ministry. If you are a sponsor and were not notified, your sponsored children are safe, as are their homes.


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