Friday, February 20, 2009

Children's Hope Helps Find Homes for China's Waiting Children, Once More

Healthy or disadvantaged, each child deserves a family. Children's Hope always holds this belief and seeks to achieve this goal for children in need. It is in this spirit, we are very proud to announce that Children’s Hope is now back on the CCAA multiple agency waiting children’s list.

As of today, there are only a few children on the list. Families with a current dossier in country, and a home study noting the special needs which they are open to, are being asked to review these children's files. Currently, the children's information will not be posted on our Waiting Child website,

We do have several families reviewing children’s paperwork. If you are a waiting family, you should receive your weekly update today from the China Team, featuring a few details on the children we have an opportunity to help place. Please consult your weekly update for more information.

In 2008, Children's Hope International's China Program completed 171 adoptions; 92 were for waiting children. Our families have a great heart for waiting children and we are blessed to once again help unite these children with permanent, loving homes. Thank you for celebrating with us in this great news!


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Anonymous said...

That is FANTASTIC news. I know that everyone at CHI has worked very hard to make this happen. As the very proud mother to a Waiting Child I cann't express how happy I am that this program is back and running.

Children's Hope International said...

Thanks for commenting, Kathleen! You are a great example of our families whose hearts are set to make a difference for these children. I encourage families considering older children from our Waiting Children program, to visit Kathleen's blog and view her personal experiences.

You can find blogs like Kathleen's on our blogroll, too, on the right sidebar. Some links note "SN" on the end of the name. This stands for Special Needs (Waiting Children). Each of these links will take you to a personal blog of a family that has adopted a special needs child. Completed families "have been there, done that" and are a great resource for waiting families. If you need help getting connected, contact me at Thank you!