Friday, June 5, 2009

"And Then There Were Four...": a Colombia Adoption Story

Parents Beth and Charles traveled to Colombia to adopt a brother and sister in May 2008, creating a family of four siblings. Their story is one of a couple's love for children, a stranger's heart and compassion, and four unique kids all aware of sibling love.

"Our community has completely embraced our mulitcultural family," says Beth. "From the beginning our family and friends from our community have offered such support and love that all we can do is thank God for allowing us to be used to promote adoption and His love."

The Hollis Family shared their story with their local paper. Read more about their family's creation by clicking here.


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1 comment:

Jeanie White said...

Yeah - those are my nieces and nephews! I don't even remember what life was like before they came to the States! My own kids have so much to look up to with this group of 4. They're all 4 great kids and I'm super proud to be their aunt! Colombia is a beautiful country, and I'm proud to have part of it in my family. These kids have learned and grown so much in the year they have been here, and they have blessed our family tremendously!

~Tia Jeanie