Friday, June 5, 2009

From Our Ethiopia Families - One Year with Mari

As a single mom, what does the first year of life as a family look like? In January 2008, Jill had the opportunity to discover the answer firsthand with Mari, born in Ethiopia.

“Mari and I met on January 2nd, 2008 - a great start to the new year," says Jill. It was a year of firsts together. Month by month, she documented her experience on video and shares it with you.

View it here, Jill's Expedition to Ethiopia


Program News: To today's Ethiopia referral family, congratulations on your 7-week-old female twin referral and the conclusion of your wait!

The Children's Hope Ethiopia Program received a total of 23 child referrals in May to match with families. Some of these children were placed on our Waiting Children’s website and several have found their forever families. Yet there are a few remaining children who desperately need a home as well. Please visit to view the waiting children. Congratulations to those matched!


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1 comment:

Troy and Rachel said...

I had the great joy of meeting Mari and her mother Jill first hand (her mom and I found each other via CHI blogs and we realized went to high school together!) and Mari is a doll. She couldn't be any happier and they are a wonderful family!