Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Somebody Waiting for You?

The photos accompanying this article show a few of our CHI placements who were promoted from "waiting children" to fine sons and wonderful daughters. None of these kids were babies when they came home. But now, all of them are laughing and learning and basking in the love of their adoptive families. They go to school, practice music, and play sports. A few of them even have jobs. In fact, one of our boys got married last year! We've been doing this since 1992, after all.

Children's Hope International is currently seeking suitable homes for 29 "older" children from China. They are all waiting in Shanghai. Most of these kids are 5 - 12 years old. Some of them have addressable medical needs. Some have already undergone corrective surgeries. A number of them have no medical problems - their only special need is that they are not babies anymore.

We expect other groups to follow as we find good homes for the children presently assigned to Children's Hope. Current CCAA rules require that adoptive families be married couples in good health. In most instances, the adopted child should be the youngest child at home. The CCAA tells us that they will consider parents over 55 for some of the older kids.

Now - click on the link to see the kids currently waiting to come home. Have your pencil and kleenex handy. Maybe one of these terrific kids will come home to you.

See our Future Stars.


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