Monday, October 12, 2009

Children’s Hope Director to Visit Three Sponsor Countries

A few weeks back, Foundation Director Cory Barron broke the number one rule of bicycling; never take a typhoid vaccine minutes before a ride. Halfway through his workout, his body put on an all out assault toward the live strain of Salmonella he had swallowed 45 minutes earlier. With rubber legs, he made the long journey home feeling like he just finished the first workout of the year.

Cory’s vaccinations (many of which our Completed Families have experienced!) were necessary for his overseas trip to many of the humanitarian aid project locations, you and so many donors have made possible.

You can follow Cory and see for yourself what you have been accomplishing.

Simply log on to the Hope’s Purpose – the blog of Children’s Hope’s Field Work.

You can get convenient updates by signing up for blog alerts in a reader or by email, or following along on Facebook or Twitter, too.

Through October, Cory will be posting video, photos and stories from the sponsorship locations in Mekele and Addis Ababa as well as the Bright Hope School mini-farm project in Ethiopia. He will then be in Kakinada, India, visiting the medical clinics, street children feeding stations and schools you have been supporting. The sponsored children will be thrilled to know you are checking up on them. He will end his trip in China. You will meet our staff and partners in these three countries where your generous gifts are making an impact. All of our projects are in need of additional fundraising.

Thank you for following and helping spread the word!

Jennifer Newcomb, Children’s Hope Communications

PS> Here's a sneak peek at photos taken at the Bright Hope School.

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