Thursday, March 21, 2013

Proud American...

 Our Executive Director, Dwyatt Gantt,  received this email message from a proud mother of a wonderful daughter:

God blessed us with our beautiful daughter in Jan 1997. She is the joy if our life. I remember waiting for her and thinking it was a life time! But God already had his plan in place for us and for her! What perfect timing what a perfect plan it was. I want to share with you a speech she wrote last year. First, I thank God for this amazing beautiful child! Second I thank you and Children's Hope for helping change our life! We are truly blessed! ​​​ 
Proud to be an American
-written by Courtney Owens  age 15

In 1996 I was born in Changsha China. I was abandoned, found by local authorities and taken to an orphanage to live. But….God had a better plan for me. He knew an American couple that needed me as much as I needed them and that is where my life began. So… at 9 months old, I was blessed with the two loving American people that God knew and they became my mom and dad.
I am so proud to be an American; I have been given the gift of endless opportunities. I have the freedom of religion and have been raised in a strong Christian home which has taught me morals and values and make me who I am today. I have been given the gift of equality and the right to pursue the education and career of my choice. Lastly as a citizen of this great country; I have the opportunity to give back the gifts I have been blessed with.
At age 16 I can drive a car, at age 18 I can go to the polls and vote. And according to my dad; at the age of 30; I can date.
I hope to someday go back and visit my birth place, but America will always be my home.
I am an American Girl and I am proud to be an American!

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