Monday, March 25, 2013

Lots of Surprises for Madeline!

Madeleine Isabel Bao Yi Belsie came home to Massachusetts in June of 2012.  Madeline was 8 years old when she met her new mom and daddy and big sister Grace. Madeline has had lots of "firsts" since she arrived - learning English, trying new foods, discovering the crunchy leaves of a New England autumn, experiencing American holidays and... shoveling snow! Madeline is from Guandong province in the south of China, so snow is - for now - a definite novelty. 

Madeline came home through CHI's China Waiting Children program. Now, while she is getting accustomed to all her "firsts," Madeline is flourishing in the love of her family. Way to go, Madeline!!!

Visit CHINA WAITING CHILDREN to learn more about international adoption and China's Waiting Children.

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