Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Lindy....


There has been tons of excitement for Little Couple Bill and Jen's adoption of little William.  So much happiness on behalf of this famous family and their adopted little son!!!

Now it's time to meet Little Lindy.  Lindy turns five this May. Her aunties report that "She is a lovely girl, she is very active. She can get along well with another children, she is one of the most popular partners in the activity. She likes to help others. Lindy is very smart, she likes to ask why, she can sing the children's songs, she likes to draw pictures, the imitate ability of her is strong. She can speak all her classmates' names, and she can speak sentences clearly. She can understand the content of the story and the teacher’s question, and tell the right answer. She can speak more than four kinds of common colors. She knows some of the common object in the daily life. She can copy simple numbers. She can draw a square and triangle."

In other words, Lindy is a wonderful girl! Like Little William, Lindy is a child of great potential in a little body. All she needs is a family of her own.  Lindy's adoptive parents don't need to be little people. They need only have big hearts for Lindy.

Lindy can be adopted by a single mom or a married couple who have completed their homestudy.
Call Mary House 773 647 2610 or email to learn more.

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