Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lovely Lila...


Pretty little Lila is 7 years old.She has received surgery for malformed right hand and has no other health issues.  Here's what her aunties report:
"In September of 2011, Lila began to receive preschool education in ordinary elementary school near the institute. She has Chinese, math, music and art classes. She was very happy and would go to the school with other children happily. Since she has deformity of the right hand, she can only write with the left hand. But this has not beaten her. Other children can write after several times of practice. For her, it would be dozens of times. Sometimes, she would say to the teacher “my hand hurts.” She still insists finishing the homework. Her spirit moved every teacher who teaches her. She is a child who is so persevering. Everyone loves this girl who has a ready smile and fair skin."
NOTE - In Chinese schools, children do not write "lefty" no matter what.

Lila is available to single moms and to married couples who have applied to Children's Hope and have competed their homestudy.  

 CLICK HERE TO EARN MORE ABOUT LILA    or call Mary House 773 647 2610

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