Tuesday, June 4, 2013

an update from Alenah's House...

 Alenah's House is our CHI foster home where children receive physical therapy and, equally important, a sense of family love.  Here's the latest from one of the volunteers:

Hi Everyone,
Annu and I went to Alenah's today and were lucky enough to find all the children playing out the back.  It is a little late tonight, so I shall just pass on some quick notes.
We're hoping to get some paper to do activities with the kids.  I looked for some at home tonight to pass to you to take but couldn't find any.  I will try to pick some up this week and get it to her but if any of you have any at home it may be handy to take it in.
Little HuiHui with one of the Ayis at Alenah' House
Hui Hui was wearing the large braces on both of her arms today but Annu removed them and kept Hui Hui happy and distracted with her big box of bricks and she never scratched herself.
While Annu was giving XiXi lunch today she had an epileptic fit.  Neither of us knew she had epilepsy and thought it was important to pass on to the rest of you.  It did not last for many minutes but was a little worrying as Annu had just put some food in her mouth and there was the risk she might choke.  We got her out of her chair quickly so her head and neck were in a better position in case she had food still in her throat.  We then called in an Ayi who came and held Xi Xi on her lap until the seizure was over.  Annu is hoping to learn if  Xi Xi has any medicine she should take when she has a seizure or is it not available to her? We keep hoping for  progress on getting Ru Huan a wheelchair.  I know many emails have expressed how much we would like to see her have this equipment.

More later.....

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