Monday, June 10, 2013

Chocolate sales for YES School in India...

 My wife Alice and I adopted our son Prasad from Paparao about 15 years ago at age 4. He is now turning 19 and is graduating from high school. The time has gone so fast!  

The sign at the top says FREE EDUCATION.  The sign at the
bottom says Thanks to donors who support the YES school.

For the past 7 years,  we have raised most of the money we've sent to support the YES school by having a chocolate stand at different locations in our current hometown of Fairfield, Iowa. The people in this town have been extraordinarily supportive of YES! by buying chocolate but also by sponsoring one or more children for $25 a year. Prasad wants to go to college in Oregon so we are moving back to our house in the Portland area at the end of June. I plan to continue to raise money to support YES in our town of West Linn, Oregon.

It addition, it is a VERY fortunate thing for the YES school that Ella Craig and her mother, Joy (with support from dad, Jim and brother Henry), want to continue the chocolate sales here in Fairfield at the farmer's market where they sell flowers etc. from their farm each week. Ella is a wonderful young lady who has helped me sell chocolate many times through the years and, actually, is better at it then I am! Her mother Joy has indicated that she will support Ella by helping with the ordering of the chocolate, sending 'thank you' emails, helping Ella send the monthly donation and fundraising check(s) to CHI Partners in Hope.
Ed, Alice and Prasad Monk
Fairfield, Iowa

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